Monday, May 23, 2011

Why choosing a Graduate Program on Machine Learning?

"I wish I were in that program", "I don't like my Graduate Program", "I don't see the meaning of this".

These are some common phrases you'll hear from a fresh Graduate Student. While valid, these reasons are evidence of a dreaded truth in life. Most graduate students are lazy, ill prepared and immature people. As a graduate student myself, I consider that statement true. Not unlike anyone that has chosen the wrong job.

Most Grad students have no idea what a Graduate Program is. They think it is like college (with fewer subjects). Every time I speak with a them, I realize they have the same reasons to continue. A lack of a job offer, and liking school. And so, these kind of students clutter the research area. They often lack a vocation for research and most of the time even hate it.

Here, I'll try to help and address that issue. I'll try to give good advice on how to pursue a grad program. I'll focus on Machine Learning. I'll help you find good programs and advisors. And we will give you some tips to pursue and finish your PhD.

One of the first things you should know, is that these are mere suggestions. I'm not professor, but and enthusiastic who likes to help. I, however, consider myself humbly capable to help you decide and start. Since I've already did it with average results.

Before choosing a grad program, you have to answer these questions first:

- Do I know what research is?
- Do I really want to do research?
- Do I like math?
- Am I willing to study by myself at least 4 hours a day?
- Do I like to write?
- Am I willing to write at least 1000 words every 3 days?
- Am I willing to keep living a student life for this?

These are questions I'll be commenting as we go on. I designed them to help you find your vocation as a researcher.

If the answer to ANY of those questions is NO. I'll ask you to reconsider pursuing a graduate program in Machine Learning.

And if the answer to more than 3 questions is no, I'll ask you to reconsider a graduate program at all.

Ask yourself these questions, sleep it well, and next time we'll see how to choose a program that suits your necessities.

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