Thursday, January 26, 2012

Geoff Hinton Memes

A week ago, Yann LeCun started a ML related meme, by writing the Geoff Hinton facts (ala Chuck Norris Facts).

I'm writing them here as they appear, and if you have more, please send me yours:

Geoff Hinton doesn't need to make hidden units. They hide by themselves when he approaches

Deep Belief Nets actually believe deeply in Geoff Hinton.

Geoff Hinton uses an infinite amount of training data for each experiment - twice.

Others prove theorems. Geoff Hinton proves axioms.

Geoff Hinton once built a neural network that beat Chuck Norris on MNIST.

Geoff Hinton discovered how the brain really works. Once each year for the last 25 years.

Markov random fields think Geoff Hinton is intractable.

If you defy Geoff Hinton, he will maximize your entropy in no time. Your free energy will be gone even before you reach equilibrium.

Geoff Hinton can make you regret without bounds.

Geoff Hinton can make your weight decay(your weight, but unfortunately not mine)

Geoff Hinton doesn't need support vectors. He can support high-dimensional hyperplanes with his pinky finger.

 Geoff Hinton frequents Bayesians.

 Most farm-houses are surrounded by nice fields. Geoff Hinton's house is surrounded by mean fields.

All kernels that ever dared approaching Geoff Hinton woke up convolved.

The only kernel Geoff Hinton has ever used was a kernel of truth.

After an encounter with Geoff Hinton, support vectors become unhinged

Geoff Hinton's generalizations are boundless.

Geoff Hinton goes directly to third Bayes.

 Never interrupt one of Geoff Hinton's talks: you will suffer his wrath if you maximize the bargin'.

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  1. Ha. Also, from his Coursera course: "To deal with a 14-dimensional space, visualize a 3-D space and say 'fourteen' to yourself very loudly. Everyone does it."